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Girl struck, killed by reversing driver
Mother injured in Burlington accident Sunday April 16, 2000
A 13-year-old girl was killed and her mother injured after they were struck by an elderly woman reversing her car at the Burlington Mall.
The 82-year-old motorist was coming out of a parking space about 4 p.m. yesterday as the girl and her mother were passing by police said.
They were hit just outside the Zellers store, at the southeast entrance of the mall, at Guelph Line and the Queen Elizabeth Way, said Halton Region police Acting Staff Sergeant Alex Nikitin.
Hannah Samuels, 13, of Burlington was taken to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Her mother, Tracy Smith, 34, remains in hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.
Police did not release the name of the driver. Lisa Allan had just pulled up into the parking lot when she noticed shoppers frantically calling 911 on their cellular phones.
"It was shocking. There was so much blood," Allan said. "She was just lying there and people were panicked." Inside the Zellers, where the mother and daughter were apparently heading, cashiers called for "Ms. White," a code for an emergency. "It was frantic." One cashier said. Joanne Ross, marketing manager at the Burlington Mall, said such an incident has never happened there. Traffic officers continue to investigate, but Halton police Staff Sergeant Tom Chapman said speed was not a factor.
There was no damage to the vehicle, a gray Ford Probe, other than a scrape on the driver-side rear bumper, but it isn't clear if it was caused by the impact, police said. The fatal accident is the second is less than a month involving an elderly motorist. An 84-year-old Toronto woman was charged with careless driving and failing to stop after an accident causing death after Beth Kidnie, 43, was struck and dragged to her death on April 4.
Albertans Charged in son's death
Boy, 5, was biking unsupervised Sept 20, 2000
A grieving Edmonton couple have been charged with criminal negligence in the death of their five-year-old son, who was run over by a van last month. On the weekend, legal observers said the charges could lead to a broadening of the obligation of parents to provide the necessaries of life -- including safety -- to their children.
Police say Leslie Shaw died while he was biking unsupervised on a busy street in Edmonton and collided with a van that was backing up. They say they had warned Leslie's parents, Robert Shaw and starlene Gibson. Neighbors and drivers had complained of near accidents.
"This matter was addressed with the family, and they were advised there were consequences" if they failed to comply,police spokesman Sergeant Bryan Boulanger said.

Edmonton police said it's probably the first time in Canada that criminal charges have been laid against parents for supervising their children inadequately. "We didn't make that decision lightly," Sgt. Boulanger said. "We know that it's definitely going to be controversial".
Bruce Elman, a law professor at the University of Alberta, said in an interview yesterday that the charges should send a message to parents.
"This case does not put parents on notice that one of their obligations under the Criminal Code is to ensure the safety of their children," he said.
Leslie's Parents are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. In an interview with the Edmonton Sun that was published yesterday, Mr. Shaw said he and his wife have suffered enough.
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