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***Department Of National Defence Reports April 29, 1999 - Jan 26, 2001 - Press Release***

**Featured on CBC Television, CBC NEWSWORLD on October 25 and October 28, 2000**

**** Featured on CBC Television, CBC MARKET PLACE on October 24, 2000 ****

****Featured in MACLEAN'S MAGAZINE December 18, 2000 issue****

**** Sold at participating Superior Tire Locations ****
***** Featured on CITY TV in November 2000 *****

"... Specifically, backing accidents at CFB Borden have decreased from 52 accidents in 1999 to just two accidents in 2000 to date. The REVERSE Sonar kits have already more than paid for themselves...."
        M.L.C., Captain - Department of National Defence, CFB Borden. (August 2000)

"…The sensors were put through variety of weather conditions, rain, snow, mud, slush etc. and without exception had performed as advertised…. There were no failures of the equipment nor any malfunctions/false signals…. It would be my recommendation to have the sensors installed on all my user fleet vehicles…"
        M.L.C., Captain - Department of National Defence, CFB Borden. (April 1999)

"…The driver of the van, who in most cases works alone, reported that the sensor indicated that a person or object behind the van would set off the alarm. When mirrors were fogged up or unclear, the sensor was found to be very beneficial… It is a tool that may prevent the death or injury of a child, co-worker, pet, etc…"
        G. T., Safety Supervisor - Markham Hydro Electric Commission. (February 1998)

"We have this safety back up sensor on all of our maintenance vehicles and our drivers love them. It will detect any type of obstacle including humans and has saved us many times from having accidents while backing up".
        M. M. Maintenance Manager - Separate School Board. (February 2000)

"The product will clearly prevent both collision and property damage and it has the potential to avoid the possibility of serious injury or the tragic death of a child. Your product is one of the most important safety devices on the market today…"
        D. R. M., Business and Government Consultant - McArthur and Associates. (April 1999)

"Marketing life-saving device…warning system alerts drivers when backing up…"
        Ellen Roseman - The Toronto Star Newspaper. (July 26, 1999)

"I was backing out of a parking spot at Christmas and my alarm signal alerted me to an obstacle behind my car. At first, I did not see anything. I shifted back into park and when I got out of my car, I noticed a lady one step behind my car and then I saw her child in a stroller, which had been behind my car in the dreaded blind spot. Thank the lord for my sonar system".
        R. E. S. - Company President and volunteer police officer. (December 1999)

"Savings and Safety! Safety dictates that every vehicle should have a warning signal to guide the driver as he/she backs up…. I am glad I found such a device…"
        E. H. - Personal Vehicle. (October 1998)

"I have lived all my life with a depth perception problem and had a terrible time backing up without hitting something. Since having my back-up sonar installed, I have not experienced any problem and I can now reverse with confidence".
        M. S. S. - Teacher of Challenged Children. (September 1999)

"…A child on a training bike rolled down a driveway and could not stop while I was backing out of my driveway. The alarm sounded in my car and I was able to stop in time…"
        R. W. - Personal Vehicle. (April 1999)


SafeREVERSE Sonar is installed on the vehicle of the Minister of National Defence in Canada