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New Car Accident Prevention Technology Approved by Canadian Military!

Global Accents Ltd.
is the Canadian developer and distributor of SafeREVERSE Sonar, a back up ultrasonic sensing device that alerts the driver of anything behind the vehicle when backing up. It is a significant advancement over the traditional back up systems commonly used on trucks which merely emit a constant beeping alarm whenever a vehicle is put in reverse. SafeREVERSE Sonar has already demonstrated its ability to save lives. It is now installed on the vehicle of the Minister of National Defence in Ottawa, Canada.

Now the Canadian military has endorsed the effectiveness of this new safety system. After an extensive study done by the Ministry of National Defence to investigate the prevention of back up accidents using the SafeREVERSE Sonar back up sensors, it was shown that a dramatic decrease was achieved in back up accidents and resulting costly expenses.

Successful trial results were achieved by the Canadian military after a one year test that compared hundreds of vehicles driven for millions of kilometers. The report, which has just been released, concludes that: "The SafeREVERSE Sonar system has proven highly effective and has helped reduce backing accidents with CFB Borden significantly.

" In fact, back up accidents were reduced by eighty percent!

The sensors' durability was also put to the test: "Over the course of the year, the vehicles were put through all possible elements and conditions in their normal operations and the sensors performed to all expectations in preventing backing accidents."

The report recommends increased use of this new technology throughout the Canadian military: "The system pays for itself in the first year. It is the recommendation of the Base Transport CFB Borden that these sensors be installed on the majority of the light commercial fleet on any base including staff cars, 7/9 passenger vans, panel vans and pick-ups".

SafeREVERSE Sonar has also been approved by the Ministry of Correctional Services to be installed on all new and refurbished vehicles in Ontario. The system has already been installed on many Wheel-Trans vehicles.

With the increasing popularity of large SUVs and vans, rear visibility is frequently a major problem for drivers and back up accidents pose a substantial danger. SafeREVERSE Sonar can be easily installed on cars, light trucks, vans, motor homes and even large tractor/trailers. It is now available to vehicle owners across Canada to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries.

For further information please contact Susan Alagha at 416-230-4045 or visit the website at www.safereverse.com.

*SafeREVERSE Sonar is installed on the vehicle of the Minister of National Defence in Canada