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Toronto, Ontario
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January 20, 1999

Ms. Susan Alagha
Director of Business Developments
Global Accents Ltd.
6021 Yonge Street,
Suite 1009
Toronto, Ontario
M2M 3W2

Dear Ms. Alagha

Just a short note to thank you for introducing us to the SafeREVERSE Sonar. As you know, we have been offering this unique ultrasonic reverse collision warning system to our customers since November 1997 and we now have many satisfied safety conscientious customers recommending these same units to their family and friends.

Unlike other types that we have seen, your device has proven to be of top quality, very reliable and it performs with a high degree of accuracy. We have tried other types on occasion but it seems the others lack your reliability and warranties and they are usually replaced with the SafeREVERSE unit. It really does provide the driver with good back-up and parking assistance. Also, we are able to install your unit on various types of cars, vans, jeeps and trucks (with some modifications).

As stated earlier, our customers are very satisfied with the product, have recommended the unit to others and even some have bought it as Christmas gift for their loved ones. Thanks again for providing us with a great safety product - our stores will continue to offer our customers Superior quality products and service as they have for over fifty years.

Best regards,

Paul Hyatt

5070 Sheppard Ave East Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Tel. (416) 291.9291 Fax. (416) 291.9302

SafeREVERSE Sonar is installed on the vehicle of the Minister of National Defence in Canada